The Royal Treatment: A typical Netflix romp, tad too silly

| Updated: January 24, 2022 10:44:01

The Royal Treatment: A typical Netflix romp, tad too silly

If you are just home from a day's work and looking for something light and wholesome to cheer you up, The Royal Treatment on Netflix can literally give you a royal treatment. It’s a movie that will take you into a less complicated and exciting world, although virtually.

The Royal Treatment is a movie which is about a prince Thomas from a fictitious Kingdom named Lavania, played by Mena Massoud, who is much known after his role in Aladdin and a hairdresser named Izzy or Isabella played by Laura Marano.

Although the movie gives a stereotypical Hollywood outlook with generous family-oriented Italian Americans, over-exaggerated Southern accent by Texans, posh British chauffeurs, rude French women as well as a very American ending, its feel-good atmosphere is overall entertaining as well as refreshing for the regular viewers.

The movie revolves around Izzy, who gets to work as a hairdresser for the Royal Wedding of Prince Thomas in his homeland after a quite coincidental turn of events. 

However, as it happens with most other romantic comedy movies to come out of Hollywood, slowly the Prince falls for Izzy and the eventual result is something every viewer can guess from the very beginning.

The plot of the movie is predictable and still, the viewers would not feel bored for a single moment and will look forward to what pans out up until the end. The characters in general are extremely loveable with the exception of a few which overall contributes to an uplifting vibe to the entire movie.

The fictitious Kingdom of Lavania is shown to be extremely multicultural and is located somewhere along the trading routes of India, which is another effort by Netflix to diversify their programs and is appreciable. 

The castle used to depict the Royal Family of Lavania is located in New Zealand and much of the shooting takes place in the lush greeneries of New Zealand, which indeed is very eye-catching and appealing to the viewers.

As a whole, the movie is a must-watch, especially after a hectic day or if you are just looking for something to watch with a heavy evening meal. 

Despite all this, the realities of the movie should be taken with a grain of salt, as most of the stereotypes are very much exaggerated, but this is something that adds up to the overall comic value and lightness of the movie.

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