Korean film ‘Unlocked’ is a fine addition to the dystopian genre

Korean film ‘Unlocked’ is a fine addition to the dystopian genre

The dystopian sci-fi genre, which addresses the issue of how people might abuse technology, has recently received a lot of attention in the Korean cinema industry. 

Veteran Korean actor Yim Siwan plays a murder suspect in the most recent Korean film to appear on Netflix, Unlocked and delivers a spooky performance. 

Fans of Korean dramas and movies are talking about the mystery-thriller. The movie keeps the suspense until the end and offers an interesting conclusion that will make viewers wonder about their privacy.

Unlocked tells the story of Na Mi, played by Chun Woo Hee, who loses her phone and has spyware installed on it by the finder, Oh Jun Yeong, played by Yim Siwan. 

What starts as a small inconvenience quickly spirals out of control as Jun Yeong eliminates all of Na Mi's friends and family members to ensure that she can only communicate with him.

As the story progresses, viewers are unsure of how dangerous Jun Yeong truly is, and the dread is revealed slowly but surely, resulting in more spine-chilling moments. 

Police officer Ji Man, played by Park Sung Woong, investigates the murder case of a woman and feels that his son, who left home ages ago, is involved in the crime. 

At first, it looks like Jun Yeong is the serial killer. But in the end, in a plot twist, it’s revealed that the actual Jun Yeong is dead, and the killer remains without an identity.

The film ends on an eerie note as someone from the internet has found Na Mi's secret account and creepily stalks her from afar. The message in this dystopian reality is clear: everyone is being watched.

Unlocked, directed by Kim Tae Joon, is a gritty and spine-chilling dystopian thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. 

The cast, including Yim Siwan, hones each role perfectly, creating an unforgettable viewing experience. Fans of dystopian thriller show such as Black Mirror will surely enjoy every minute of Unlocked.

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