Farzi: A fantastic coming-of-age black comedy thriller

| Updated: February 16, 2023 19:40:06

Farzi: A fantastic coming-of-age black comedy thriller

Currency counterfeiting has been a severe problem all around the world. The weaker the security markings on the print of money, the easier it is to counterfeit it. Not much of this type of crime is shown on the silver screen because of its nuances and complexities, which make it difficult to make it palatable for audiences. 

Farzi, an iconoclastic crime series directed by Raj and DK, was recently released on the streaming platform Amazon Prime. After the success of Family Man, this is the director duo's latest web series.

The lead character, Sunny, is played by Shahid Kapoor, his first role in a series in his over 20-year acting career. 

Sunny is an artist struggling to run his grandfather's left-wing newspaper, Kranti Patrika. Struggling to pay off the debt, he becomes disenchanted by Indian income inequality and decides to print counterfeit money. He enlists the help of his childhood friend Firoz and printing press worker Yasir. 

They become successful at first and also manage to pay off the debt. Still, little do they know that they will be entangled with notorious criminals, corrupt politicians, and law enforcers.

After an encounter with Mansoor Dalal, the counterfeiting kingpin, Sunny and his friend Firoz have no choice but to print money for him. 

Meanwhile, Michael (played by South Indian actor Vijay Setupathi) is a determined task force officer equally committed to eradicating fake currency in India and has enlisted Megha to help him. Megha, played by Raashii Khanna, plays a major role in this series. 

As a morally upright person, she joins the anti-counterfeiting force and becomes the counterfeiting criminal Sunny's lover. As a result, she becomes a foil to him in later episodes.

Farzi showcases the ability to provide every character with significance. Each role, no matter how small, has its own purpose and relevance. 

Vijay Sethupathi's performance as a task force officer is exceptional, displaying his versatility in both intense and comedic scenes. Shahid Kapoor is the soul of this series, delivering an outstanding performance, incorporating comedy, emotion, action, and romance into his character.

The social commentary that the series touches upon adds depth to the storyline. Raashii Khanna and Kay Kay Menon are also impressive in their respective roles. 

The waiting game between cops and gangsters is well-written and logical, ensuring the viewer's engagement. With hilarious and delightful scenes intertwined with well-conceived action sequences, the eight-episode Farzi is a must-watch series.

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