'You' Season 4 comes with new mystery in new location

| Updated: February 20, 2023 14:58:15

'You' Season 4 comes with new mystery in new location

Psychological thriller series You has entertained the audience since the inaugural season back in September 2018. This Netflix series has been quite successful in gaining an audience, and every time a new season releases, it’s always been in the Top 10 for a long time. 

After almost 2 years, the fourth season finally arrived. The serial killer Joe Goldberg is now in a different part of the world, feigning a fake identity. But can he escape his past life and misdeeds?

This season, Joe is a changed man in self-redemption mode and is determined never to stalk, trap, assault or manipulate anyone again. 

As murderous and obsessive as he was in the past three seasons, this changed mindset makes him quite a boring antagonist. But still, he doesn’t see flaws in himself, treating his wrongdoings only as mistakes. 

Now, he faked his death in the United States and relocated to a new country for a fresh start. He's taken on the persona of Professor Jonathan Moore, teaching American literature at a medieval university in the United Kingdom.

However, he finds that his new colleagues and acquaintances are just as problematic as the ones in the US. Joe's love interest this time is Kate Galvin, a gallerist who can see through his façade. 

This season, Joe becomes entangled in a murder mystery and becomes someone else's fixation. It's different from previous seasons, where Joe's love interests turned out to be perfect matches for him, aiding in his murder spree.

Season 4 of You has a different vibe than previous seasons, but not just because of Joe's transformation. While Joe's love interests in past seasons were relatable to millennials, Kate is an obscenely rich heiress living in a luxurious apartment. 

Joe finds something with Kate that goes beyond his usual pure obsession, and the relationship between the two shows his vulnerability and reflection on his past, traumas, and failed romances.

Charlotte Ritchie's portrayal of Kate's immediate distrust of Joe initially appears to lack chemistry, but as the characters' wariness transforms into warmth, the actors' performances come together beautifully. 

Penn Badgley, as Joe, exudes weariness from his past stalking and killing but displays a new sense of maturity and control. Nevertheless, the controlled rage that lies deep inside him is always present, reminding us of his character's complexity.

This season also introduces a new villain with a twist in the last episode. It was entertaining to see Joe being stalked instead, which was often comical, but the reveal of the "Eat the Rich" killer was quite disappointing. 

Ed Speeler plays the killer role and seems to be a worthwhile opponent against Joe. Only the first part of the fourth season has been released, with the second part scheduled to be released on March 9. 

Can Joe finally outsmart the killer? Can he redeem himself? Only time will tell.

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