The Law According to Lidia Poet: An intriguing period piece 

The Law According to Lidia Poet: An intriguing period piece 

When television first began, legal dramas quickly became a hallmark. There have been various literary movements based on the idea of the lawyer as an instrument of justice, including several fantasy works. 

Fictional lawyers, from Atticus Finch to Ally McBeal, have a long history on television. Again, Netflix is trying to make a name for a lawyer, but this time it's a real person: Lidia Poet, the first Italian female lawyer.

Matilda De Angelis, Dario Aita, Sara Lazzaro, Pierluigi Pasino, and Eduardo Scarpetta are among the cast members of the series, which Guido Iuculano and Davide Orsini created. 

The show centres around Lidia Poet, a famous lawyer's daughter from a long line of lawyers who have chosen to practice law herself. 

In Turin, Italy, Lidia is a law student who aspires to graduate and join the order of attorneys there. She will have to find alternate means to practice law and contest the order's decision if she is excluded because of her gender, though. 

The first noteworthy feature of The Law According to Lidia Poet is- it's a fantastic show to relish. The quality of the series production is excellent, and every section seems to be making a concerted effort to recreate Turin in the 1860s. 

The outfits are amazing, giving each scene a ton of personality and colour. Several of the sets may benefit from an update. It seems like not much has been done to bring them into the real era. Yet certain subtleties could be ignored because the display includes so many beautiful old structures.

However, with exceptional production values to back it up, the series seems promising from the outset. While it never reaches the heights of some of the best lawyer shows, there is enough to keep you entertained for the whole six-episode season. This is the show's key selling point. 

The entertainment factor is rather high, and each of the puzzles provided to Lidia in each episode is simple enough to keep you watching till the end.

However, the program has an overarching plot that revolves around Lidia and her role as a leader of women aspiring to be lawyers. This took place in real life and is an important part of Lidia Poet's legacy.

There is also a lot of romance since Lidia is a stunning woman, and as she climbs through Turin society, she is approached by an increasing number of suitors. 

The show has a little bit of everything, including humour, suspense, romance, and social commentary. 

Nonetheless, given that The Law According to Lidia Poet is a historical drama, many of the characters and their perspectives on the narrative seem a touch too present at times.

As we approach the nineteenth century, the only constant is the misogyny that our main character must bear. It's because she aspires to be a lawyer, but men do not believe she can succeed. 

Everything else appears to be occurring at present. De Angelis performs admirably in the starring role. She is beautiful and possesses a great deal of charisma that will make you watch every episode till the end of the season. With only six episodes, binge-watching looks perfectly achievable.

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