Stranger Things season 4 part 2 ends with more mystery and cliffhangers

| Updated: July 06, 2022 17:26:10

Stranger Things season 4 part 2 ends with more mystery and cliffhangers

After the release of the first part of season 4, Stranger Things reveals many of the secrets of the Kingpin of the Upside Down universe and its motive to kill everyone in the town of Hawkins in the latest season. 

But the real question remains, can Vecna be stopped once and for all? Can Eleven finally stop this monster? The second part of the latest season answers the questions but creates more mystery for the next season.

Since the rise of Netflix in recent years, very few TV series have managed to maintain their popularity among the viewers. Stranger Things remains one of them, captivating audiences with its science fiction horror drama since 2016. 

Although the fourth season premiered after three years, the popularity of the group of teenagers in Hawkins solving the town’s sinister mystery didn’t dwindle a bit, amassing 7.2 billion minutes of views in its first week of release, which sets a record for the most views in a single week.

The second part of this season has only two episodes, but they are not like other ordinary episodes as they are unusually long. 

The season finale duration is 150 minutes, even longer than a full-fledged movie. But they are not elongated for no reason, as they encompass the stories of the characters across different locations fighting off the same evil of Upside Down.

Eleven plays a crucial role in these episodes. As she discovers the real identity of Vecna, it’s also up to her to defeat this antagonist to save her friends and the town of Hawkins. 

She gets help from friends, even from Jim Hopper who mysteriously ended up in the Soviet Union and finally got a chance of a reunion with Joyce Byers coming to rescue him. 

This battle across two universes doesn’t come without a price, as many characters die while trying to stop the gates of the parallel universe. 

One of the characters, Eddie Munson sacrifices himself after distracting demon bat creatures with ‘Master of Puppets,’ which is a tribute to the ‘80s metal scene and was an adrenaline-pumping scene to watch.

Will Byers is one of the key characters of the show. As he was one of the victims who survived the clutches of Upside Down, he can mysteriously sense the otherworldly creatures trying to infiltrate the living world. 

Like the Mind Flayer, he also senses Vecna in the season finale, ending the show with a cliffhanger – the possibility of the creature taking over the town. 

With season 5 already in production, only time will tell what will be the final fate for Eleven, the rest of the Hawkins teenager gang, and the people of Hawkins.

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