'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' - the most absurd show ever introduced in MCU's phase four

| Updated: September 30, 2022 16:11:17

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' - the most absurd show ever introduced in MCU's phase four

The start of phase four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was promising - a new set of young superheroes, new villains, and a new set of threats on the scale of the universe as well as the multiverse. 

Most of the shows had some kind of purpose that led to a greater good. But the recent She-Hulk: Attorney at Law must be the most disappointing addition to phase four - unfunny, meaningless, and with no sense of purpose.

This show starts with the protagonist, Jennifer Walters, getting into a car accident with her cousin, the Hulk, aka Bruce Banner. She gains hulk-like powers by cross-contamination of Bruce's blood. Though she copes with her newfound powers relatively easier than Bruce, she rejects the idea of being a full-time superhero.

The main plot begins while Walters starts her job as a lawyer. She has to deal with several cases that include super-powered individuals. There are a lot of dramas and jokes involved in it, which makes it a light-hearted comedy show as a whole. But the question is, what is the real purpose of this show?

Tatiana Maslaney did a decent job of portraying the humour and fourth-wall-breaking She-hulk. She loves being the strong green monster and is not afraid to show this form. But all Walters does is complain about everyone around her throughout the show.

The side characters are more difficult to understand; they don't seem to have any goals; all they do is just bicker in a comedic way. The jokes are packed with old MCU show references, but most are forced and fail to raise even a smile.

There is a scene where Walters, aka She-Hulk, deals with the case of Mr Immortal, who is accused of committing fraud with his immortality. The scenario gets chaotic when Walters and Mr Immortal's wives argue about the case, and Mr Immortal throws himself off the window. This symbolises the chaotic nature of this show, and Mr Immortal's reaction is what the audience feels while watching it.

As this show is already getting strongly negative reviews, Disney+ seems to be trying to save it with Daredevil. The vigilante lawyer can sneak a peek several times in the trailer and in episode teasers, but he has yet to appear. 

As She-Hulk gets increasingly disappointing, the audience might not want their favourite vigilante to appear in this show just to be butchered. So, the daredevil bait might fail miserably for Disney+.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law consists of nine episodes and is still three episodes short. Forced humour, a plethora of ineffective cameos, poor character development, and no greater goals, this is the summary of this show. 

Disney+ is widely misusing MCU phase four by making shows with good potential rushed and diverging from a streamlined story. It's high time for Marvel to be concerned about preventing future shows from becoming as miserable as this green monster quagmire.

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