Man vs. Bee: The return of the legend of Rowan Atkinson

| Updated: June 04, 2022 14:35:31

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It is 10 pm at night. The TV opens, it’s Cartoon Network. A night alley can be seen. Suddenly, a circle of light hits the ground and a man falls, feeling like an alien spaceship has abandoned the most bizarre creature amongst them.

The man wipes the dirt off his clothes and moves out of the frame at an unnaturally quick pace.

Well, this particular scene can be said to be one big nostalgia for the kids of the ‘90s generation and is equally popular among today’s kids. The name of the comedy show is Mr Bean, and the alien-like man is none other than Rowan Atkinson.

Mr Bean is the show that brought Atkinson worldwide popularity and made him a star. Later, he acted in a series of cinemas as a member of the British Intelligence - Johnny English Trilogy, which nothing but augmented his fame.

In continuation to this, Mr Bean, AKA Rowan Atkinson is back again as Trevor in Netflix’s new series ‘Man Vs. Bee,’ which had its trailer released this week. Surely, the series is going to regenerate the nostalgia of ‘90s kids.

However, the story of the series seems to be simple, like almost all other movies and TV shows by Rowan Atkinson.

In the series, Trevor gets a new job, where he is annoyed continuously by nothing but a bee! He tries to eliminate it with all his strength, but his attempts go in vain consistently. Eventually, he can be seen at the court attending the trial for sabotaging properties during his attempt to kill the bee.

Well, though the plot is simple, the execution of the story, the placement of verbal and situational comedy, and especially, the expressions and dialogues of Rowan Atkinson seem to be hilarious as usual.

Some tributes to the other works of Atkinson, which will surely make the viewers nostalgic, are also present in the movie.

For example, in the first scene, Atkinson says, “You see, there was this bee.” The way he utters the word ‘bee,’ it’ll be no surprise if someone listens to the word as ‘Bean.’

Actually, he pronounced the word just the way he used to rarely say his name if asked in his best TV show, ‘Bean!’ Surely you can hear the word in your imagination.

Next, in one scene, the bee gets into Rowan Atkinson’s pants, which might be a tribute to the same type of scene found in an episode of Mr Bean's show, named Bumble Bean, where Mr Bean goes for a solo picnic, and a bee disturbs him.

There is a part of the trailer, where Atkinson can be seen singing and dancing under the shower. It may be addressed as a tribute to the famous bathroom scene from Johnny English, the first movie of the trilogy, where Johny asks his assistant, Bough, to play the DVD in front of everyone, and Bough plays a wrong DVD showing the video of Johnny English’s dancing and singing in a similar way as Man Vs. Bee.

Apart from the fun part, Rowan Atkinson’s character also has a daughter, whom he promises to take on a trip for the holiday. But, obviously, as the Bee fetches him to the court, apparently the trip seems to be cancelled.

So, a father’s failure to keep his promises to his family may take the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride.

However, all of these are just predictions. To see how the series deals with its flow of events, everybody needs to wait till June 24th to watch Man Vs. Bee, created and written by Rowan Atkinson himself along with William Davies, and directed by David Kerr. And till then, let the nostalgia haunt you a bit!

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