'Karagar 2' does not live up to the hype

| Updated: December 31, 2022 17:04:55

'Karagar 2' does not live up to the hype

Panic broke out when an unregistered prisoner was discovered in long-abandoned cell 145 of Akashnagar central jail. And then the veil of suspense thickens in every episode in the Hoichoi original Karagar part 1, directed by Syed Ahmed Shawki. 

It left numerous unanswered questions, and a newly grown Bangladeshi web series audience eagerly awaited the second part and expected a satisfactory ending for the super suspense web series. 

Released on December 22, Karagar 2, however, could not keep the promises it made. The hype fizzles out with many plot holes, unnecessary subplots and patchwork. 

But it is not all bad when you don't compare it with the first season. It shows what goes inside a prison or how one can go to the fullest extent for his mother. 

The most important questions, like how the mystery man enters the jail, could be answered in greater detail. Also, It is seen that the mysterious gang gets a vital document that unravels a hidden story, but they never explain how they obtained that in the first place. All over the series, they do and know things from nowhere, like magic! 

Then, a brilliant actor like Abdullah al Sentu wasn't used at all.

The story follows two search missions. One is for Maha's father, and the other is for David's mother. In the end, how the mission turns out is not satisfying. And Maha's story stands somewhat irrelevant. 

Nonetheless, one thing that really stands out this season is the performance of Naufel Jisan. He has almost stolen the show from Chanchal Chowdhury, who appears to be weaker than his powerful presence in the first season.

Before handing the stage to Naufel Jisan, here are some worthy appreciations. Afzal Hossain as the hangman and Sarker Raunak Ripon as Aslam, one of the jailors, were amazing. 

Afzal hossen carried the gravity of his character brilliantly with all those philosophies, reminiscence and regrets. His poignant screen time was full of intensity. Sarker Ripon, on the other end, bagged some fans. The way he delivers dialogue standing tilting with a stiff neck, it feels like he truly has been through an accident. 

He is suspicious of the newly found 'baba' in jail, and that suspicion is obvious in his facial expressions. Even he looks like the most rugged jailor surpassing his bosses. Zahid Hasan Shovon, as Humayun Kabir, the IG Prison, played his role wonderfully.

And then it is all about Naufel Jisan. Although he was presented briefly in the first part, the glitter of the sunshine was somehow felt. However, the sunshine has permeated all over the second part. His dialogue delivery with mawkishness and seriousness when needed is absolutely spot on. 

He recites two poems— one is of Nazrul, and the other is of Tagore— in a way, they will give you goosebumps and move you to bring out two different strong emotions: rage and agony.

On the director's part, Shawki's virtuosity lies in storytelling. He picked a less talked about story from our war history. 

From a broader viewpoint, this is a story of the mothers, by the mothers and for the mothers. The theme is foreshadowed by the name of cell 145, around which the story is minted. It is named 'Matrichaya' (Mother's care). Complex motherhood is scattered throughout the entire series. 

Every move of the protagonists is somehow related to affection for their mother, and every woman is either a disturbed mother or wants to be a mother or is looking for a mother. 

Karagar 2 primarily seeks to make two points. First, it tries to poke the scar of 1971. Second, it shows life behind bars. It allows the audience a sneak peek at prisoners' repentance, agony and helplessness. 

The story progresses in two layers. The first layer goes backwards and answers the questions left in the earlier season, and the second layer carries on the story towards the end. Plus, some creativity goes behind the name of the episodes that align with the stories. 

If you forget Karagar 1 for a moment and watch it, you'll find it quite good at what it wants to convey. 

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