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Jaadugar is a feel-good movie with simple plot

Jaadugar is a feel-good movie with simple plot

Jitendra Kumar has become a widely known face among the Indian audience. His roles in Kota Factory and Panchayat have won the hearts of millions of viewers. 

He continued his benchmark role as a highly relatable and lovable character in the movie 'Jaadugar,’ which has been one of the most loved Hindi films this year. 

The movie premiered on Netflix on the 15th of July and has been one of the most viewed movies in India and Bangladesh as well. 

The plot of the movie is centred around a small town on the Madhya Pradesh-Rajasthan border, where the people are passionate about football. Jitendra Kumar's character, Meenu Narang, or magic Meenu is someone interested in learning magic but is accidentally put on a football team where he has to take the team on a victorious path in order to win over his love interest.

The movie, in some ways, is reminiscent of a lot of old-school Bollywood movies with the story of a seemingly normal guy with an underdog story. 

But unlike in many other movies of Bollywood in the past, the elements of toxic masculinity are not present in the movie and the character Meenu goes through a series of epiphanies about love and relationships, which are relatable to the viewers.

Among the other characters, the most notable are the ones of Arushi Sharma, who plays the lead female protagonist, Disha Chhabra, and veteran actor Jaaved Jaaferi, playing the role of Meenu's uncle, Pradeep Narang. 

Javeed Jaaferi's character is relatable to long-term watchers of Bollywood movies as it is a trip back to a time when wholesome yet flawed fatherly figures used to be a common sight in Bollywood movies.

The movie's plot line, which alludes to the past, except for the problematic elements, is one of the reasons behind its humongous viewership. 

Jitendra Kumar is proving time and again that in order to become a popular actor in this century too, it’s more necessary to have outstanding acting skills than machismo, which used to be the dominant trait of Hindi film actors in the past. 

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