'Indian Matchmaking' returns for the second season, fails in matchmaking again

'Indian Matchmaking' returns for the second season, fails in matchmaking again

India is famous for many things worldwide. However, the world also knows India for its people’s lavish wedding ceremonies that last for days. 

Netflix’s wedding reality show Indian Matchmaking dugs deep into Indian matrimony affairs and gives the international audience a glimpse into the diversity of Indian culture. 

Gaining much popularity with the first season in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, the show gets renewed for 2nd season with Matchmaker Sima Taparia still looking for her big success.

Matchmaking is undoubtedly not an easy job. In the early days, pairing Indian suitors and suitresses was not so hard; at that time, marriages were an agreement between families to marry off their children. 

But now, only family consents aren’t enough; consents from bachelor and maiden matter too. The matchmaker has a job to match her clients with eligible partners and consult them on their path to marriage. In the show, Sima Taparia plays the role of matchmaking, and her profession’s complexity can be witnessed all the time.

Since season 1, Sima has been trying to get her clients their partners according to their choice. Her clients seem to have too many criteria, many of which are superficial. She reminds her clients that she can’t give a perfect match and always expect a little less than their criteria. Sima does everything she can to match an ideal suitor/suitress, but her clients’ demands stand in her path to being a successful matchmaker. 

In this second season, Sima still has a long way to go to find her cherished success, as the new clientele is still the same arrogant and dissonant in terms of marriage.

The audience can see persons from season one still looking for eligible partners to marry. Aparna, Nadia, and Pradhyuman- are the unlucky-in-love persons who hail from the inaugural season. 

Only Pradhyuman finds success after trying to match with more than a hundred bachelorettes and testing Sima’s patience. But Nadia and Aparna have different kinds of problems. 

Nadia blurs the lines between dating and marriage; meanwhile, Aparna shows off her appalling arrogance and nitpicking in choosing her partners. 

Aparna is the least-liked cast in this show, her inability to compromise and communicate with her suitable matches indicates that she has other problems.

In the second season, the new list of Indian bachelors and bachelorettes have almost the same problems as other casts - failure in multiple romantic relationships, struggling to be married in their late 30s, and having impossible criteria in choosing partners. 

Moreover, in the two seasons of this show, all the casts are from well-established families and have excellent careers and wealth- but still, they fail to marry. So why do they find it hard to choose their partners? 

Sima from Mumbai tried to use her matchmaking wand on suitors in India and abroad. In the season finale, she is seen landing in the UK to expand her matchmaking business. Can she finally find success for people to succeed in their big fat Indian wedding? Only the future third season can tell.

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