'How I Met Your Father' - a stereotypical sitcom ruining the nostalgia of a great series

'How I Met Your Father' - a stereotypical sitcom ruining the nostalgia of a great series

'How I Met Your Mother' is a nostalgia trip for many millennials worldwide. The sitcom, which was first aired in 2005 and continued till 2014, is undoubtedly one of the most popular American sitcoms of all time and still enjoys a large fan following. The plot was about the lead protagonist, Ted Mosby, an architect, telling his children in the future how he met their mother.

The episodes revolved around a group of five friends, including Ted and their lives in 21st Century New York. The series had some running gigs as well as inside jokes, which among all the things, made it an absolute fan favourite. The show was an emotional roller coaster, with the characters being relatable and lovable, with a strong setup that made it easier for the viewers to indulge in the plot.

Due to the huge popularity of the series, there were talks about bringing a spinoff to the original show with a female protagonist named 'How I Met Your Father.' 

It was a much-discussed project among 'How I Met Your Mother' faithfuls for a long time, and it finally came into fruition earlier this year on Hulu; and to say the first season has disappointed the fans of the original series would be an understatement.

Although the performance of Hillary Duff as Sophie, The Mother and the character who is supposed to be the female version of Ted is quite up to the mark, the other characters disappoint badly. There is no cohesion among the group of friends, which used to be one of the defining characteristics of 'How I Met Your Mother.' There is no background story and no room for the development of the characters, which has been evident from the first episode.

The jokes, unlike those of 'How I Met Your Mother,' are not unique and seem a bit forced, which--in the opinion of many fans, is one of the few reasons why the series will not be able to cross over from 'How I Met Your Mother.' 

There are a few references to the original series here and there, and the show retains the theme song of 'How I Met Your Mother,' which has received widespread acclaim among the fans of the previous show.

The show in its first season has amassed mostly average ratings, and Hulu has already renewed it for a second season. It will be interesting to see whether the show can live up to the hype of 'How I Met Your Mother.' But judging by the storyline, it is more likely to be a massive disappointment for the original show's fans.

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