'Emily in Paris' season 3: More musical and chic

| Updated: December 26, 2022 15:17:34

'Emily in Paris' season 3: More musical and chic

Emily in Paris is back for its third season, and like the first two, it has maintained its charm. 

However, this season, the producers added quite a few musical components to the show, which has made it different from the first two seasons and has received a positive review.

The third season starts from where it all ended in the second, with Emily confused about whether to stay with Madeline's company or switch to Sylvie's; she chooses to work for both, which results in a bit of drama later on. 

The plot involves a lot of cliches about France, like the other two seasons, and these might be the subject of annoyance to a lot of viewers.

The fashion remains quirky, which is an attempt from the producers to reinstate the myth about French fashion. Like the previous two seasons, the dialogue has remained overly dramatic, something straight out of a Wattpad story. 

However, these things are part of the hype about the show, as it never claimed to be anything other than a stereotypical romantic viewpoint of Paris. 

There is also a lot of drama concerning the complicated love life of Emily Cooper, and at times it reminisces of a teen drama with some improvisations here and there, so considering the show to be a representation of authentic adult life in Paris will bring nothing but disappointment for the viewers.

The third season, however, seems a bit forced when it comes to the aspect of Emily's meek indecisiveness. Like the other two seasons, which had a natural flow to the storyline, the third season doesn't have one, as the producers seem to include a lot of things just to make the series a bit longer.

The show, however, like before, does a spectacular job when it comes to portraying the diversity that Paris has; however, the same cannot be said when it comes to the overall outlook of the city. 

Emily in Paris is a great show to watch if it is taken for what it really is - a lighthearted, stereotypical representation of Paris. However, one is bound to get disappointed if one searches for accuracy in the plot of the show.

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