Adios Saul Goodman!

Better Call Saul ends in a fitting manner

| Updated: August 22, 2022 17:37:28

Adios Saul Goodman!

Breaking Bad is considered one of the best TV shows of all time. The journey of Walter White as a high school chemistry teacher to the Meth kingpin Heisenberg and the dire consequences of his wrongdoings - entertained the audience for a long time. 

To this day, this show hasn't lost any of its appeals but instead got more appealing because of the spin-off prequel, Better Call Saul.

This show's story focuses on the character development of Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer who helped Walter grow his drug empire. His story is slow-burning, never in a rush, with no unnecessary stories—just connecting with the consequential story of Breaking Bad. The transition to the famed show is smooth, done by the brilliant direction of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, and fans could not ask for a better prequel.

The first five seasons focused on the five years before the events of Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman was Jimmy McGill back then, trying to be the best lawyer like his elder brother Chuck. 

But as shrewd as he had been since childhood, he always looked for an opportunity to improve his financial situation. His opportunity came when he crossed paths with the infamous Salamanca family, whose members had important roles in Breaking Bad.

The sixth season depicts Jimmy gradually turning into Saul. He has been dissociating himself from his past, only caring for money. But his greed came at a high price. 

Working for the Salamanca family and Walter White later, he gets his hands dirty many times by saving them from the law. Moreover, Jimmy and his wife Kim Wexler partnered up in the past to get revenge against their rival Howard Hamlin, which resulted in Hamlin's unwanted demise and separation from Kim.


Jimmy also drove his brother Chuck to commit suicide. He lost his whole family, and these regrets were too painful for him. Thus, he dissociates from being Jimmy and turns into Saul Goodman.

But what's the ending of Saul? In Breaking Bad, he flees from the law and takes on a new identity after Walter wreaks havoc in Albuquerque. His ending is seen in the present in dull, monochromatic colours. 

Saul finally gets caught for his crimes and decides to make amends for his past wrongdoings. He owns his mistakes and breaks the shell of Saul Goodman, accepting himself as Jimmy McGill in the final act. 

The sixth season finale is a tragic ending for this famous lawyer on-screen. Bob Odenkirk portrayed him masterfully, making this character memorable for a long time.

The other cast members of this show were spectacular. In this show, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles as Walter and Jesse. Although they had cameo appearances, they were enough to bring the nostalgia of Breaking Bad to the audience. 

Moreover, Giancarlo Esposito was phenomenal as always in his role as Gus Fring, the drug lord in disguise who has a series of conflicts of interest with the Salamanca family. 

In Breaking Bad, Tuco Salamanca was the most unhinged family member. But his other cousin, Lalo, is the most unhinged and ruthless Salamanca in Better Call Saul, and Tony Dalton portrays this psychopath character perfectly.

Creator Peter Gould has no plans for further shows, marking Better Call Saul as the end of the Breaking Bad franchise. There is no need to elongate this franchise as the endings of all key members are ensured. After all, this is not always the showtime, and it needs a perfect ending too.

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