BYLC Ventures needs a Senior Executive

BYLC Ventures needs a Senior Executive

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Council (BYLC) is the country’s foremost youth platform for leadership development. Its BYLC Ventures program is an incubator for young startup founders to get seed funding and mentoring for their first ideas.

Vacancy: not specified

Role: Senior Executive, BYLC Ventures

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all financial systems and procedures operate in accordance with financial policy and that any modifications that are required in response to framework changes are quickly created and implemented.
  • Manage daily accounting and financial operations for the entire program, such as accurate transaction recording, cash management, banking, inventory, receivables, and payables.
  • Assist in the monthly financial closure process, which involves preparing reports, verifying journal entries, account balance reconciliations, and making sure all costs incurred are accurately recorded.
  • Ensure that all transactions are processed and prepared in accordance with the planned timeline in time for the month and quarter ends.

Check the application link for full details.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Business
  • Professional qualification: Digital Marketing
  • Experience: (1.5 – 2) years

Check the application link for further details.

Location: Dhaka

Salary and Other Benefits: 

  • Competitive salary with housing, health, and travel allowances
  • 2 festival bonus and performance-based yearly increment
  • 6 months of paid maternity leave
  • 15 days of paid paternity leave
  • 15 days of paid child adoption leave
  • 30 days of paid prolonged illness leave
  • 18 days of paid annual leave, 10 days of paid casual leave, and 14 days of paid sick leave
  • Work in a multicultural environment with diverse and talented youth from Bangladesh and abroad
  • Access to world-class leadership and professional development training

Application Deadline: 31 December 2022

Application Link:

Go to this link for details - https://cutt.ly/p0Htab2

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