Apply for the EPSO Young Plant Scientist Awards

Apply for the EPSO Young Plant Scientist Awards

The European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) is an independent academic organisation whose mission is to improve the impact and visibility of plant science in Europe. They have 70 institutional members from over 200 research institutes and universities from 31 countries in Europe and abroad.


  • The awards will cover registration and travel and the awardee can present a lecture on her / his research during a plenary session of the Science Day and will receive €200. 
  • Applications are invited from PhD students working on either fundamental or applied aspects of research on plants. One award will be offered in each category.

Check the application link for further details.

Selection Criteria:

Awards will be chosen based on submitted abstracts. The selection criteria will be:

  • The novelty of the idea or approach being taken
  • The potential of the research to improve understanding or outcomes in the selected field of plant science
  • The clarity with which the problem or research topic is conveyed to a non-specialist plant scientist.

Application Deadline: 31 January 2023

Application Link: 

Interested applicants can check this link for details -https://cutt.ly/z2w786X

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