Migratory birds

Migratory birds

BANGLADESH is a land of rivers and multiple water bodies like small lakes, ponds, tanks, beels and haors. That is the reason why migratory birds visit Bangladesh every year in the winter. Most of these migratory birds come from the mountainous regions in the northern parts of the subcontinent, namely the Himalayas and beyond. Some species come from different parts of Europe and far eastern part of Siberia. As they are our guests, we must take good care of them and should make the country a better and safer place for them to stay as long as they want. But it is regrettable that every year a large number of migratory birds are being caught by some unscrupulous people and sold to customers for money. This causes a colossal damage to our ecology and environment as the environment loses its ecological balance. It is also another reason for dramatic decline in the number of migratory birds. The question is whether we really care for the environment and worry about the damages being done in this way. We need to raise our voice against capturing and killing the migratory birds for the sake of protecting the ecology of the country.

Md. Himel

Department of Economics

East West University, Dhaka

[email protected]

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