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Five large-cap cos shed prices up to 11.34pc

| Updated: January 18, 2020 10:31:32

Five large-cap cos shed prices up to 11.34pc

Five large-cap companies having notable impact on index movement lost prices up to 11.34 per cent per share in last week.

During the week, the DSEX, the broad index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), lost 5.87 per cent or 261.90 points to close at 4197.39 points.

Of the large cap companies, the Grameenphone witnessed the highest price correction on the premier bourse DSE.

The other companies which lost share prices are Square Pharmaceuticals, BRAC Bank, British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company (BATBC) and Renata.

The share prices of these companies declined in five sessions in a row and left significant negative impact on broad index because of their large free-float market capitalisation.

At the end of the week, the share price of Grameenphone closed at Tk 250.80 each with a loss of 11.34 per cent or Tk 32.10.

BRAC Bank witnessed the second highest price correction after losing price in all sessions of last week.

The company's share price closed at Tk 46.50 each on Thursday with a loss of 11.08 per cent or Tk 5.80 compared to closing price of the previous week.

The share price of another large cap company Square Pharmaceuticals declined of 10 per cent or Tk 18.4 in five sessions executed in last week.

At the end of the week, the company's share price closed at Tk 170.6 on Thursday.

Another pharmaceutical company Renata lost price up to 6.27 per cent or Tk 68.80 to close at Tk 1026.80 each on Thursday.

The share price of BATBC declined 5.64 per cent or Tk 55.50 in five sessions. On Thursday, the company's share price closed at Tk 928.50 each which was Tk 984 on the closing session of the previous week.

Of the large cap companies, Square Pharmaceuticals has the largest impact on index movement.

For 1.0 per cent rise or fall in the share price of Square Pharmaceuticals, the DSEX gains or loses 4.30 points.

Similarly, for 1.0 per cent change in share price of Renata. BATBC, BRAC Bank and Grameenphone, the DSEX gains or loses 1.94 points, 1.90 points, 1.61 points and 1.59 points respectively.


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