Why Google-ChatGPT comparisons are not right

| Updated: February 24, 2023 21:36:13

Why Google-ChatGPT comparisons are not right

ChatGPT has created quite a buzz since its launch- an AI program, an advanced chatbot designed to answer any question from the information available on its database. This program is awe-inspiring due to its working procedure. Instead of making a plain statement of information, it gives the response in a more natural, human-like manner.  

OpenAI launched chatGPT in November of last year. In such a short time, it is being touted to substitute Google in the long run.

Well, first of all, it is not correct to compare a language model with a search engine. ChatGPT is not designed to be any search engine. Though it provides the answer to the question asked, it collects information required to answer that question from the information available on the internet, that is, from Google or any other search engine.

That being said, let us see what this extraordinary artificial Intelligence can do. Open AI released Chat GPT beta on 13th November 2022. It was like a storm in the world of content as it can write essays, articles, content, fictional stories, in fact, anything about the subject provided. It is like a symbol of the future AI-dominated world. 

But chat GPT does not always give the correct and authentic answer. Its function is similar to that of predictive text on the mobile phone. But chat GPT formulates a complete response instead of a single word. It responds in a human-like, textual manner.  

A huge number of questions and answers, human conversations, and numerous books have been fed to Chat GPT during its training period, which is limited till 2021. There is no information after that, which is one of the many limitations of Chat GPT. 

Chat GPT has no way of judging the truth from the false. It formulates responses out of the information present on the internet. And we are well aware of the vast amount of false information on the internet. So a 100% correct answer is not guaranteed. 

Coming back to our may discussion, can chat GPT replace Google? In the '90s, Microsoft dominated Google. Some trust issues arose with Microsoft in the latter part of the 90s. The death of the father of Mozilla Firefox and forcing windows users to use internet explorer hurt the company. Google took that chance and climbed up the ladders aptly. They launched Gmail in 2004, Chrome in 2008, and other user-compatible tools, successfully building the gigantic web. 

Now, OpenAI's launched ChatGPT, which is Microsoft-backed, and we are indulging in the thoughts of a revenge story. However, Google is not going anywhere anytime soon, as its functionalities differ from ChatGPT. While Google gives sources to take information from, ChatGPT churns out information from the available sources and creates a response, limiting the user's ability to decide what information to choose.

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