Smart contact lenses to show map directions

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Until recently, if someone couldn’t find proper directions while going to some place, they would have to ask the passersby nearby to know the appropriate location. However, this now seems to be a thing of the distant past with Google and Apple Maps.

But how would you react if you heard that Google and Apple Maps would also be obsolete soon? 

Much more advanced technology than Google and Apple maps have arrived as it will be possible to see the picture of the locations in front of one's own eyes due to smart contact lenses that will utilise Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Researchers from South Korea have carried out this futuristic invention.

The whole invention was a joint venture by the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) and the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). 

With the technique invented by the researchers from these respective institutes, it would be possible to insert augmented reality technology using 3D printers.

There might be a lot of confusion among the users at the beginning regarding whether the augmented reality (AR) lenses will act like normal lenses, which, according to the research articles published in many notable science journals, will completely replicate the procedure of the simple lenses, with the added additional benefit being the fact that they will easily be able to show various directions to the users, something the simple lenses would have been unable to do.

As per the Times of India, Seoul Siung-Kowan, one of the researchers involved in the project, iterated the fact that there is still room for improvement regarding the entire thing, and there has also been ongoing research to make sure that they are user-friendly when they come to the market for commercial use. 

This technology will help decrease the size of instruments that use Augmented Reality (AR) technology, where a diminished size is often more convenient for use.

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