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Wordle: The most popular online game in the world right now

Wordle: The most popular online game in the world right now

In the last few days, if you have spent a tad bit of time online, chances are high that you have seen people playing a new game and sharing their scores.

The game of words, which is completely based on the internet, is known as Wordle, whose grey, green and yellow boxes have taken the world by a storm.

The game wordle is somewhat of a guessing game, where you will be given a total of six attempts to figure a five-letter word out. Whether the letters of the word that you have guessed are in the correct or the wrong position is shown with each attempt.

A report by Marketplace.org, an American economic intelligence organisation, revealed that Wordle has as many as 3 million players around the world.

The global popularity of the game can easily be broken down to the fact that it is an easy source of adrenaline, no one has to spend any money to get the game and people can share their scores on the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which makes it quite interactive to some extent.

There is a daily urge for the players to come back to the game due to its pretty simple algorithm and a feasible way of having fun even in the face of extreme business.

Wordle is not the first game of its kind but it definitely is one of the first in this genre to amass worldwide acclaim and popularity.

The game's name can loosely be based on the name of the founder, Josh Wardle, who has not yet monetised the game and has no plan of doing it in the future, hence generating absolutely no revenue from the game.

“I am a bit suspicious of mobile apps that demand your attention and send you push notifications, to get more of your attention. There are also no ads. I’m not doing anything with your data, and that is also quite deliberate as well,” said the founder Wardle in a live interview with Radio BBC.

Wardle, while explaining his position, asked back in the interview why something can be not only for the fun end of things and why money has always had to be an issue.

He also added that he is financially comfortable, and he never intends to generate revenue from the game.

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