Go seasonless with just black and white in your wardrobe

Go seasonless with just black and white in your wardrobe

A colourful closet is lovely, but there is nothing wrong with having some essential black clothing and accessories. You can wear these alone or mix and match them with other items. Just be sure to spend your money on durable, high-quality things.

You can attend weddings and formal meetings with a pair of black shoes. Sometimes you can't match the colour of your outfits with the shoes; in that case, black ones will be useful. 

It is best to keep two to three pairs of shoes (high heels, pumps, sandals, etc.) available at all times for both men and women. You should have some black belts in your collection. 

Some men prefer to match the colour of their belts to the colour of their shoes. 

Men generally wear black t-shirts, but a black shirt, blazer, or suit is required for anyone who wants to look more elegant. For festivals like Eid, a black Panjabi would attract everybody.

If you want the appropriate look, wearing all black won't give off a stylistic feeling unless you're attempting to. Use a few tones of grey or white instead of pure black. 

For instance, you may match a black outfit with white sneakers or vice versa or wear a black dress with a white scarf. Grey can be transformed into a stunning colour by adding shades of silver, white, blue, and so on. 

Sometimes it appears wonderful for women to contrast a black blouse with any saree. Wear all-black clothing if you're worried about looking professional for a presentation.

Coloured or tinted sunglasses and bags are not very fashionable in our culture; therefore, most of us have them in black on our wardrobes. 

But, as previously stated, get a few high-quality, long-lasting things instead of adding on many things. 

Bangladeshi women rarely wear western clothes. Thus, they must have a black dupatta, scarf, or kameez in their wardrobe. Any coloured kameez can be paired with a black phulkari, embroidered, or benarasi dupatta, owing to its versatility. A silk scarf in black would also look lovely.

Contrarily, keep a few custom-made black kameezes on hand for both formal and casual occasions. To wear with one-pieces, purchase a pair of black palazzos or salwars (whatever shape you want). 

When you want to go for a western appearance, black crop tops, shirts, sheer blouses, jeans, and so on will save you a lot of time. For any special occasion, a black benarasi, chiffon, or georgette saree will help you create an exquisite appearance.

The key to transitioning from one season to the next or from one occasion to the next is to avoid passing trends and invest in high-quality, flexible pieces. Build your outfit with basic pieces that can serve as a starting point. Consider the item's versatility, colour scheme, personal fit, and preferences.

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