What happens if you comb wet hair? 

What happens if you comb wet hair? 

A few rules are cardinal in hair care, such as not brushing or combing your wet hair. Especially dealing with wet hair is a tough job. And when the weather is hot and humid, it becomes worse. 

Combing wet hair

For starters, wet hairs can be combed only after knowing the right method and tools. This will help to reduce hair breakage. 

Hydrogen bonds with the hair structure break temporarily when the hair is wet. Therefore, it makes hair more fragile and prone to breakage. The problem is further compounded by wet hair being more elastic and stretching when combed. However, it can not be snatched back to normal. 

Things like harsh combing and drying with a heavy towel can cause severe stress to your hair. After applying leave-in spray or finishing oil, we must run our wet hair with a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush. The penalty for not investing proper time and care in detangling wet hair has increased hair damage to a great extent. 

Good news for curly hair 

The only exception to the rule is curly hair. Curly hair is more manageable when wet because it helps to retain the shape and curl pattern. Brushing curly hair when it is dry leads to frizz and extreme volume. However, using curl-defining products is advisable. But you can also leave your curly hair to dry naturally. 

Best and safe way to detangle your wet hair 

Taking a wide-toothed carbon fiber comb or a paddle brush is a no-brainer for detangling. Start from the tips, gently comb through the mid-lengths, and finally, roots. Avoid combing from roots to the tips, as this will tighten the knots and lead to further breakage. 

As a rule of thumb, reach for a leave-in spray or a hair serum before attempting to detangle your wet hair. In addition, you must avoid tying wet hair tightly with a rubber band or a hair clip. 

Natural air drying is best for your hair's health. If it's necessary to blow dry your hair, use a heat protection serum before blasting your hair with the dryer. 

Lastly, avoid sleeping with your wet hair as it can further worsen hair damage and increase hair fall. So maintaining these wet hair rules will allow you to achieve healthy hair goals.

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