Tips to create your foundation base like a natural skin

Tips to create your foundation base like a natural skin

Foundation is the main step in a makeup look. Are you struggling a lot to get a flawless makeup look? Don’t worry. Learning to create a proper foundation will ease the process for you. 

But the first thing is you cannot have the mentality to change your natural skin tone to a brighter or dull shade. This will give you an unnatural facial appearance that doesn’t match your regular look. Here are some tips for creating a natural makeup look. 

Create a glowing canvas

A clean and moisturised skin is a no-barrier, but to supercharge your glow, begin with a hydrating mask and follow it up with a lymphatic facial massage. You can also choose a sheet mask according to your skin type. 

Rose is a good ingredient to deal with oiliness, aloe is to combat dryness, and green tea is to soothe skin inflammation. 

After removing the face mask, gently massage your skin with a moisturiser to improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness. This will create a natural flush to look fresh and lively. 

Prime according to your need 

Whether you need to prime your face or not is a big confusion. Also, many want to avoid this extra step to do the makeup quickly; primer is required to minimise and cover the pores on your skin. Otherwise, the foundation doesn’t blend properly. 

Moreover, when you prime your face correctly, it can prolong your foundation all day. You can use an anti-shine primer for the forehead, hairline, sides of the nose, and around the mouth. Use a sheer illuminating one for the tops of the cheekbone and blend properly with your fingertips. 

Apply foundation from the centre and move outward of the face 

Choose a suitable foundation according to your skin type. For oily skin, matte foundations are suitable and for dry skin, apply a dewy foundation to create a healthy and glowing look. 

SPF foundation can be a good choice for the daytime as this will protect your skin from sun damage. 

Take a small amount of foundation, start in the centre of your face, on the apples of your cheeks, and slowly blend out. The area around our mouth is prone to yellow undertones and shadows. To ensure that your foundation looks as natural as possible, you can skip the bridge of the nose if you have freckles. 

Use a flat brush or a soaked beauty blender to blend your foundation evenly over the face. Take products according to your need and do not take a lot of foundation at a time. 

Do not forget to set your base: 

It is important to set the foundation with compact or loose powder to become transfer-proof. First, use blotting paper to sop up excess oil from your base. After that, look for a translucent powder to set it. 

Take a little amount of powder with a floppy brush and dust out the powder all over your face. This will create a flawless base, and you will execute believably perfect skin. 

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