The right way to oil your hair

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Oil massage for the hair is a tradition passed down through generations, making it almost a routine like washing hair strands. 

Most of us don't know the proper way of oiling hair, which will give the maximum benefit. We are always confused about how long we need to keep the hair oil on and how to wash it afterwards. Here are all the answers to your question. 

Should you apply oil on wet or dry hair?

You can apply oil on both damp and dry hair. Mostly we prefer using it on dry hair. Use heavy oils like coconut oil on dry hair.

How much oil should you use?

Use oil according to your hair length and purpose. Focus on your scalp and gradually to the ends. Cover the strands with a moderate amount of oil. 

Should you massage the hair while oiling?

Scalp massage while oiling can boost blood circulation, promote hair growth, and soothe you. Remain careful while massaging, as a vigorous massage can break your hair. 

How long should you leave the oil on your hair?

Generally, we like to keep oil overnight. But keeping the oil for 1-2 hours is enough. Make sure you are washing the oil off properly. 

You can oil at most two to three times a week. Those who are facing scalp disease and dandruff should avoid oiling very often. Dandruff can stick to the scalp for oiling. 

Which oil can be helpful?

Using coconut oil is a good option as it prevents dryness, split ends, and breakage. Instagram influencer Maaha Khan, who is versed in hair care, shared in a conversation with the writer, ''I am using Sesa onion hair oil. Its ingredients are onion, ayurvedic herbs, and cold pressed oil.” 

“Onion is good for hair growth and makes it soft and silky. Previously I used a Dighal hair pack and Dighal hair oil, which I found helpful. Ingredients of the pack are musk root, Indian soapberry and gooseberry, fenugreek seeds, shikakai, amla, and water hyssop,” she added. 

Maaha maintains her long and silky hair with proper oiling.

She leaves it for just 30 minutes and washes it off. The oil contains coconut, flax seed, almond, sesame, black cumin, mustard oil, olive, castor oil, and 10 types of herbs. 

“It is good for reducing dandruff, and hair fall and makes the hair silky. Using this oil reduced my hair fall,'' she remarked.

The best way to apply hair oil

If the oil is in solid form, microwave the oil before using it and keep it warm. Divide your hair into sections; apply on your scalp and then to the ends. 

You can use a wooden comb for proper distribution and prevent tangles. Massage your scalp with your fingertips. 

Avoid tying hair too tightly after oiling, as massage can loosen the hair from the roots and make them more prone to breakage. A warm shower can help, as the steam is good for proper absorption. 

You can soak a towel in hot water and then cover your head gently. Cleaning the oil is integral. You may have to lather your shampoo twice or thrice for proper cleansing. 

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