Right way of face contour and highlighting of makeup base

Right way of face contour and highlighting of makeup base

Applying foundation, contour, and highlighters are three steps to achieving a flawless makeup look. While foundation creates the base of our makeup, contouring makes a face look lifted and sharp. Finally, the highlighter highlights the highest point of our face. 

Contour comes after blending the foundation properly. If you are using a liquid highlighter, you can apply the highlighter before applying your foundation as a base to get a natural shine, and your face will look healthy. 

Purpose and correct way for contouring 

The whole point of contouring is to enhance or change the shape of your face with makeup. By contouring, you can get a slimmer face look. 

You need a product three shades darker than your skin tone that keeps within your same undertone family. If you are pale, don’t go for a dark brown contour. For cool-toned skin, use a greyish brown shade; if you have a warm tone, go for a warmer, reddish brown shade. The motive is to suit the shade with your skin tone. 

There are cream and powder forms of contour. Choose which one is convenient for your use. Powder or matte forms are best for oily skin types. Decide where you want the focus to be on your face and what you want to enhance. 

After applying the foundation, your face might look a little flat. So to define your face, start with the underneath of your cheekbones. 

If you like, you can go up to the hairline and jawline to define your face more. Some like to define their nose; in this case, you can take a thin brush for powder product to blend it around the tip and sides or bones of your nose. 

Whether the product is in cream or powder form, make sure it is blended smoothly. Harsh lines are the enemies of a smooth base. For contouring underneath your cheekbones, you need an angled brush as it is shaped accordingly. Cream contours can be blended with fingertips or a makeup sponge that you are comfortable with. As mentioned earlier, you need a smaller shading brush for the nose area. 

Highlighting your highest points of the face: 

First, you must choose the proper highlighter shade and the right product. Glitters or every shiny product are highlighters. Bright tones can go for dark shades, and warm undertones can look for silver or light colours. Highlighter reflects light, so it gives a healthy-looking skin. Cream, liquid, and powder highlighters are available for use. 

Liquid one is applied before the foundation, and rest two forms are applied after the base makeup. For powder highlighter, you need a flat highlighter brush. Cream and liquid forms can be easily blended. 

You can highlight the inner corners of your eyes and the highest point under your eyebrows. The highest point of your cheekbones, nose bridge, chin end, and upper lips give a dimension after highlighting. 

Your makeup will look complete and settled. Make sure you are using less product because overshine will ruin your look. Practice well with your product and brush to get the perfect contour and highlighting of your makeup.

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