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‘In search of an identity, she became a brand’ - Kaarina Kaisar's journey as a comedian

| Updated: October 01, 2022 14:21:52

‘In search of an identity, she became a brand’ - Kaarina Kaisar's journey as a comedian

She never dreamt of herself as a comedian. Her favourite thing was making funny videos relating to our daily life issues and struggles on Snapchat.

"I have been an extrovert and jolly person since childhood. People love to have a chat and long conversations with me. Back in 2018, I used to make videos on Snapchat. There are different filters for funny characters," she said.

One day, one of her friends insisted on posting a video on a Facebook page. Little did she know it was going to be a career-changing decision.

"My friend Amira inspired me to open a Facebook page to post these funny videos. On her saying, I posted a video, 'Girls on Chandraat,' and I got 10 thousand views within a short time!"

One video and voila! This was the short story of the humble beginning of Kaarina Kaisar. She dreams of being a successful entrepreneur, and why not? Starting from Snapchat videos, she is now owning a production house. Upon showing interest in knowing her journey, the writer got a diligent conversation with Kaarina, who shared things unknown to her followers.

A humble beginning

Kaarina Kaisar never, in her wildest dreams, thought about becoming a content creator. Her beginning neither signalled that. She started working with an event management team for experience-gathering purposes after graduation. Then she joined Shababa Billah, a makeup artist for whom she managed the marketing.

"In 2019, I joined Daekho TV, leaving my previous job. Daekho TV is a platform for content creators. One of my friends opened this platform who invited me to go there someday to see what happens."

Another chapter began there for Kaarina. She met Daekho's director Rezaur Rahman and had some learning experience through scripting, acting and generating creative ideas. However, the content Daekho created used to come under the team's name.

In search of an identity

Kaarina felt the urge to make her individual identity. So she, along with Reza, started a production house named 'House of Chaos' at the end of 2019. "A production house has to cast and manage performers for the shoot. Agencies provide us with the script, and we have the freedom to choose actors and actresses, shooting place, and cameraman under the budget. These things needed much time and effort, so we left Daekho TV," shared Kaarina.

Initially, they didn't have any office. They used to reach agencies and other sources for funding with their previous working portfolio. To strengthen the portfolio of their production house, Kaarina and Reza made a short film - 'Positivity.' It was a COVID-19-based short film and got a huge response from the viewers on Facebook and YouTube. Kaarina didn't forget to mention her gratitude for Arif Haque, who acted in the short film with a low honorarium.

From employed to employer

"The present 'House of Chaos' has its own office and paid employees. There was a time when I used to get salaries. Now I give salary to my employees, and this hits different!" Kaarina shared her feelings about managing a studio.

She continued, "We have two offices for our production house, one in Banani and another in Banasree. We produced a video, 'Breast Cancer,' acted by Rakin Absar. For spreading social awareness, this video got 15 awards. We produced TVC for ACI and Sweet Drops."

Goals ahead

Kaarina is willing to continue her career as a producer and put efforts into taking the house to greater heights, along with Rezaur Rahman. They are now planning big, producing movies and web series on Hoichoi, and other platforms are very much in their sight.

"We mainly post content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I don't have any idea about the Facebook algorithm. Sometimes I see there are thousands of views on an unplanned video. On the other hand, when I produce a video with proper planning and good location, it gets just a few hundred views!"

"I do not run after trends while creating new content. Follow a niche and work for it accordingly. This theory helped me to become famous as a comedian," Kaarina explained her way of achieving success.

When you have an inherent interest in content, the output will be much better than running after the trend. As this is a burnout industry of creative energy, people must take time and give preference to their souls before starting.

"Remember, content should satisfy your soul, and after that, you can satisfy your viewers," Kaarina concluded befittingly.

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