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How to apply different types of lip tints

How to apply different types of lip tints

Lip tint differs from lipstick because it is long-lasting and doesn't budge. Lip tint comes in various forms and colour choices. The formulation is different from regular lipstick. That's why lip tint can be a better option for having a long-lasting lip colour. 

When it comes to choosing a lip tint, selecting the perfect one can be confusing. Here's a guide to using lip tints of different categories according to your preference. 

Liquid lip tints 

This is the most popular form of lip tint family. These are easy to apply. 

For getting a gradient lip, just use the applicator to swipe along the inner edges of your lower lips and press your lips together a few times to diffuse the colour evenly. This will prevent the over-application of tint. 

If you want a softer and more diffused look, apply tint over more of your lower lips and press your lips together a few more times.

For a smoother application, you can use a lip balm or lip moisturiser for a while before applying lip tint. This will prevent dryness of your lip after applying a lip tint. Use a damp tissue to blot your lips if your lip colour creases. This will remove excess product. 

Peel-off lip tint 

The peel-off lip tint can provide you with a deep stain on your lips that can last up to 12 hours. That's why it differs from other lip tints. 

First, apply a thick layer of the product on your lips and leave it on for at least ten minutes. When the peel dries, gently peel off the film. The main mechanism of a peel-off lip tint is the lips absorb the colour pigment, and the resulting tint looks richer and juicy. 

Tint stick 

As per its name, a tint stick comes in the convenience of a lip balm or a lipstick bullet, but the result looks like a lip tint. The texture is creamy and lightweight as the lip tints contain some moisturising ingredients. 

These tints help dry lips to look fuller and softer than a liquid lip tint. The best part is that this can provide us with the benefits of a lip balm and the deep stain as a regular lip tint. It will also last all day, even after the initial shine has worn off. 

Matte lip tints

Matte lip tints can be an alternative to matte lipstick. Like a typical lip tint, this tint is light in weight and feels like you haven't put anything on your lips. These do not dry out the lips and have no creasing or cracking issues. They offer smooth colour and full coverage with a gorgeous velvet finish for a perfect look. 

You can apply the same product in alternative ways to get different looks. You can use the tints to have a gradient lip look, diffused lips, and full coverage tint. 

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