Choose your university fashion aligning with the weather

Choose your university fashion aligning with the weather

Most of the students try to look trendy at university after getting free from those college uniforms. The students who are conscious about their attire, prepare their dress night before the class. 

Monsoon is different from other seasons. We face sudden rain and storm amid scorching heat. And when the weather’s mood swings frequently, maintaining fashion is tough and challenging. University students find it difficult to maintain their fashionable look. 

The primary focus should be on fabrics that are easy to wash and clean. They should avoid clothes that can get worn out after washing frequently. 

Some tips for a trendy look at the university 

Remain up to date with the latest colour combinations while being simple. Try to find fashionable clothes within your budget. Also, remaining mentally and physically fit is important for a perfect appearance. Try to accessorise your attire smartly. 

If possible try to add layers to your clothes. Remain in touch with the brands when they are giving discounts. This will help you buy more clothes within your budget. 

Invest in a high-quality backpack for classes that can last longer. Cheaper bags can get damaged easily. So invest in something that is good-looking and will last longer. 

From clothing to diet

Tasnova Imrose, an Instagram influencer, is a student of Independent University, Bangladesh. She shared her university fashion ideas with this writer. 

“I prefer wearing silk or georgette fabrics for this season. Cleaning mud from these fabrics is easy. You can wear outfits that are easy to clean and dry.” 

“White and light-coloured dresses are not good to go. Stains can be visible and permanent in these colours. Short in-length dresses can be a good option. Salwar kameez or traditional clothes are mostly preferred by the girls for the formal look,” Tasnova added. 

Tasnova Imrose

“You can wear short kameez and deep-coloured salwars. I prefer slippers for footwear. If you are wearing closed shoes, then rainwater can get inside the shoe and cause skin problems.”

Tasnova also recommended wearing minimal accessories matching your outfit. A waterproof watch could add to your look. 

She said, “I try to carry an umbrella every day. Trendy umbrellas give an extra spice to your look. Boys can take bold coloured umbrellas. It's best if you can match the umbrella colour with your outfit.” 

The backpack is a must-have for every university student. You can look for a waterproof bag for this season. 

The last bit is remaining healthy which is an integral part of looking good. Eat healthy diets. You can catch viral colds and fever because of sudden weather changes. Drink plenty of water. Use foot cream and antifungal body lotion to defend against infections.  

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