Singapore teen blogger freed with asylum in US

| Updated: October 25, 2017 05:09:10

Singapore teen blogger Amos Yee. Courtesy: AP Singapore teen blogger Amos Yee. Courtesy: AP

A Singaporean teenager has been released from jail after a government appeal against him being granted asylum was dismissed.

Amos Yee, known for his political and religious criticism, sought refuge in the US in December after being convicted twice in Singapore.

He was detained upon arrival and granted asylum in March but remained in jail because of the appeal.

On Tuesday the immigration appeals board ruled in his favour.

The board agreed that he had a "well-founded fear of future persecution in Singapore", and noted that he had made online postings critical of government officials.

Mr Yee was released from a Chicago immigration facility on Tuesday, saying he was "stunned".

He said that he had "plans for more videos, much of it criticising the Singapore government" and added that he may "broaden my work to US politics too", reported the Associated Press.

Mr Yee was known for his online videos which criticised religion and the authorities. Singapore has strict speech laws banning insult of religion and race, and he was jailed in 2015 and in 2016.

His first conviction stemmed from an expletive-laden video attacking the late revered leader Lee Kuan Yew and Jesus Christ, which was released in the week that Mr Lee died.

The incident provoked widespread outrage among the Singaporean public, but also a debate on censorship. Rights groups have criticised the government for prosecuting Mr Yee.

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