Ant-Brexit activists protest Tory austerity policies

| Updated: October 23, 2017 17:06:49

Ant-Brexit activists protest Tory austerity policies

Anti-Brexit campaigners and activists protesting the government’s austerity policies are holding rallies in Manchester city centre to coincide with the start of the Conservative Party conference.

Protesters have vowed to ‘make a huge noise’ to ensure Theresa May can hear their protestations.

Activist group ‘Stop Brexit’ is expecting at least 30,000 people from across Europe to join its march down Oxford Road from 1.30pm (Local Time).

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity says at least 20,000 will join its campaigners for a march from Castlefield to Portland Street from 2pm.

Both events look set to converge outside the conference centre at roughly the same time.

A huge police operation is already in place to manage security around the conference site.

An ‘unprecedented’ £2m security operation is underway to protect Prime Minister Theresa May - who celebrates her 61st birthday today - and her party at the conference centre at Manchester Central and the Midland Hotel, according to media reports.

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