Winter and rising mosquito menace

Winter and rising mosquito menace

ONE of the many difficulties faced by Dhaka city-dwellers is mosquito bite in winter. The City Corporation people are seen spraying mosquito repellants in different localities to drive away mosquitoes, but the pesky insects come back with renewed vigour and make life miserable for us. People are compelled to use mosquito coil despite its adverse effects on human health. Mosquito repellants used by the City Corporations are grossly inadequate and the drive against mosquitoes should be stepped up. Apart from painful and irritating bite, it is a source of many diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunia, etc. Now that the Dhaka City Corporation has been divided into two people deserve better services as far as mosquito hazards are concerned. The citizens also have responsibilities to perform. They must keep their household and surrounding clean and should not ignore rain water which precedes winter gathering in places which are the main breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Infant, children and elderly people are the worst sufferers and we hope the city corporations will step up their efforts in this respect and bring comfort to the beleaguered citizens of Dhaka.


Mohammed Fahim

Moghbazar, Dhaka

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