Urgent need to ensure cyber security

Urgent need to ensure cyber security

DIGITALISATION of financial institutions has been a concern for our cyber security although cyber security threats exist not only in Bangladesh but also elsewhere in the world. As a matter of fact, the whole world is under perpetual threat of cyber security which has now appeared as a big challenge particularly for the financial sector.

Cyber criminals often use digital anonymity and get involved in despicable activities. Some of them are capable of stealing a huge amount of money by hacking the weak ICT system of banks, official data as well as personal data. Among many cyber frauds that took place in the country's financial sector in recent times, the most dangerous one was the incident at the central bank.  Hackers made payments of $81 million via SWIFT using a computer of the bank. This explicitly describes the vulnerability of our banking sector.

In addition to the above, we were informed of similar incidents by the print and electronic media of the country and some other information was leaked through social media. In my opinion, the government can easily overcome the security challenges by producing quality graduates through collaboration between the ICT industries and academics. Strategic steps are also urgently needed to provide advanced training to ICT officials of banks.

Abul Khaer

Govt. Saadat College, Tangail

[email protected]

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