Two city mayors begin to act

| Updated: October 24, 2017 23:38:04

Two city mayors begin to act
Both the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) mayors have been complaining about funds and other constraints since their swearing-in as city fathers. As they said, due to these impediments they were not able to embark on many of their preferred projects. Their helplessness disappointed the city dwellers. But the scenario has lately started changing, prompting us to take heart.
In just over a month recently, we have seen a sudden spurt in building and reconstruction works to ease the city's urban life. It makes us feel that the two mayors have not given up on their promised plans.
 Thanks to the uncompromising stance of the DNCC mayor, the illegal truck stand and other structures at Tejgaon have been dismantled. What a massive and challenging task it was! The cleared space has now become ready for use by the common public. It was unthinkable even the other day. The DNCC authorities have a number of other tasks in the pipeline.
Meanwhile, the DSCC mayor has already vowed to put his 'Clean Dhaka' plan in place. He has also started freeing the city roads and arteries of encroachment. His clearance of a major road in the Gulistan area deserves special mention. The DSCC is now seen engaged in repairing the city's footpaths. These sidewalks have long turned unfit for use. The most significant task undertaken by the DSCC authorities is, undoubtedly, clearing public areas of municipal waste dumps. Many residential areas under the DSCC jurisdiction have seen the removal of the large garbage containers. These have been causing many types of health hazards to these areas.
The city residents will not hesitate to shower plaudits on the two mayors for the start of their pledged jobs at long last. One hopes the initiatives will soon develop into full-swing programmes.

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