Trump added fuel to fire

Photo: Reuters Photo: Reuters

TENSION has been mounting in the Middle East following US president Donald Trump's reckless move to declare solidarity with Israel in recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Jerusalem has long been a disputed issue as both Israel and Palestine had been demanding Jerusalem as part of their own territory. Jerusalem has been a sacred land for the Muslims and the Jews. Declaration of a place like Jerusalem as capital of Israel has triggered unforeseen tension in the area.

The angry Palestinians took to the streets to protest the move. It was a haughty and undesirable decision which former US Presidents carefully avoided. The UN General Assembly member states bitterly criticised the US President for this. In the interest of resuming stalled peace talks between the two nations and achieving a permanent peace in the Middle East, President Trump should retreat from his present stance and join the ongoing peace process.


Mohammad Zonaed Emran

Mutual Trust Bank Limited

[email protected]

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