Skill development of drivers

Skill development of drivers

A large number of people in this country wallow in poverty. This is despite the government's sustained efforts to bring down poverty. Reducing poverty is a matter of time as governments have to execute both short- and long-term measures to improve the lot of the people. People on the other hand are also required to improve their power and ability to face development challenges of our time. Various measures may be taken to raise the level of competence of the people. Since communication is an important ingredient for economic development, one of the ways to improve communication is to ensure availability of competent drivers for motorised transports of different kinds. Proper institutions should be set up to educate drivers in modern techniques of digital vehicular transports. Such schools should be set up in all district towns and metropolitan cites.

Setting up of such schools would result in transforming the lives of the drivers and can help them have better employment outside the country. Properly trained and skilled drivers would ensure safer traffic transport movement in the country and help bring down the number of accidents taking place everyday. They would thus be able to raise the standards of living of their families.

A local daily reported recently that the government would provide formal institutional training to five hundred thousand drivers by next five years to enhance their skills. The Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation would train the drivers at its own training institutions. Thanks to the government for such a welfare-oriented decision and proper implementation of the decision will bring benefits for not only a section of our people, but similar steps would help ensure the overall welfare of the country.

Md. Ashraf Hossain

120 Central Bashabo, Dhaka-1214   

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