Siddhirganj to Narayanganj road needs urgent repair

| Updated: October 24, 2017 04:05:38

Siddhirganj to Narayanganj road needs urgent repair

The road from Siddhirganj to Adamjee Export Processing Zone (AEPZ) is really in a poor shape which is indeed surprising because the area is of huge importance as many export-oriented factories are located there. Foreign buyers regularly visit the place and experience huge traffic congestions due mainly to dilapidated condition of the road. Unless the road is immediately repaired it may have serious impact on the foreigners which will affect our business.

When I first visited the AEPZ area I was deeply impressed by wide and spacious roads inside the zone and it was a different view altogether. But as I stepped out, I could see the contrast and for me it was a matter of great disappointment. An export processing zone is a good initiative by the government as many local and foreign investors have already made huge investment in the EPZs across the country. But the current road condition of Siddhirganj will certainly damage further prospects of investment in AEPZ.

The importance of Narayanganj as a commercial centre can hardly be overemphasised and the authorities concerned should take urgent steps to repair the road from Siddhirganj to Narayanganj



Tanveer Islam

Sutrapur, Dhaka


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