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Shocking humiliation of a teacher

Published: May 18, 2016 23:19:40 | Updated: October 24, 2017 08:30:06

Shocking humiliation of a teacher

THE whole nation was rudely shocked to see the headmaster of a school at Nayaranganj being publicly humiliated by a Member of Parliament. Later the headmaster was removed from his post by the school committee.  The whole incident presents a sad picture of our society. Social media is abuzz with the incident and people are replacing their profile pictures with photographs of everybody holding their ears and saying "sorry". It is a unique and peaceful way of protesting. I hope the government will take stern action against the people who are involved in this shameful act of humiliating a teacher. I am happy to see a wave of protest of the common people in various social sites and such protest keeps alive in our hearts a glimmer of hope that everything is not lost. The future of a nation is bound to be a grim one for a society where teachers are not treated with respect. Teaching is a noble profession and in our country the common people are highly respectful towards teachers. We only hope that the offenders will be  duly punished and the sacked headmaster will be reinstated immediately in his position with due respect and honour.

Mohammed Sohel Hara
Bonosree, Dhaka

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