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Video resume: A new way to stand out at jobs

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A video resume is a current trend. Even a few years ago, we used to think about traditional CVs or resumes where a candidate needed to write down pages about themselves. From there, many formats were introduced like a one-page resume.

People tried to make a resume so beautiful that the interviewer can no longer look at the resume and ask more questions.

However, the digital age of multimedia and the internet has introduced video resumes which can be added with the traditional resume to give a candidate the edge in the selection process.

A video resume can take the potential candidate to new heights. At times the candidates can present themselves in a beautiful way, talk about their strengths and weaknesses in a beautiful way, and this gives the interviewer a positive mindset.

Shaikh Abdulla, a professional video editor and a motion artist, said, “I could not present all my strengths and weaknesses in the traditional resume, for which I had to answer many absurd questions on the interview board. A video resume is like giving a small interview all by yourself.”

A video resume is ideally 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds long. Longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds may discourage the employer into giving it attention like how resumes longer than 1 page discourage any recruiter.

Like everything, a video resume starts with an introduction about the candidate and their name and their current post and how it associates the desired post.

While mentioning the desired post, throw in the company name that you are applying for which will show the candidate’s dedication to the job.

Secondly, mentioning passion about the industry is important. In this case, a customised resume for the desired post helps a lot. After that, candidates can mention their specific accomplishments related to the desired job preferably with a recommendation letter or post photo. Lastly, draw the conclusion thanking the employer.

A video resume is not just about opening the camera and speaking about yourself, rather using more interactive graphics and footage with the candidate’s voice in the background to impress the recruiter.

There are many online video editing tools like InVideo which comes with a lot of templates. A video resume also shows the candidate’s presentation skills which is a great contribution in showing their communication skill.

A candidate cannot discuss everything on a written resume because it just highlights the portfolio. So, a video resume can contribute to it and make it interesting for both the candidate and the recruiter.

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