Registration fees for BCS exam in instalments

| Updated: October 25, 2017 03:22:06

Registration fees for BCS exam in instalments

QUALIFYING in BCS cadre is a long cherished dream of hundreds of thousands of youths in our country. Every year, a large number of vacancies are filled up through BCS exams. In fact, BCS exam has been a blessing for the aspiring candidates from the 34th BCS batch when all the candidates who passed the viva voce test got a job. Undoubtedly, Bangladesh Public Service Comission (BPSC) deserves appreciation on this count. But unfortunately, a lot of fees are required to be paid by the applicants for BCS exam including a registration fee of Tk.700. This is a sizeable amount and surprisingly, it is the highest payment for an applicant for any job in either government or autonomous bodies. For example, Bangladesh Bankers Selection Committee (BBSC) that recruits employees for the government owned banks does not demand any fees from the applicants. 

I shall request the BPSC to accept the fee in instalments to reduce the burden of the applicants. First instalment of the fee may be payable before the Preliminary and the remaining portion before for written and viva voce test. I hope, the BPSC authorities will agree with this proposal and relieve the candidates of financial burden.

Hasan Ul Banna

Dept. of Economics Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University

[email protected]

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