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Combating menace of drug abuse

Combating menace of drug abuse

Jafar, not his real name, was the only son of his family. When he was born into this beautiful world, his parents and others felt like they were on cloud nine. They dreamt big. The son would grow up, one day he would take the helm of the family and thus unburden the parents in the later years of their life. But things did not happen the way it was expected. When the son was in his early teens, he started mixing with other boys in his locality. Soon he started smoking. At one stage he turned into a heavy smoker. Then from smoking he turned to drugs. The family noticed he was often behaving strangely. When the family got to know about his drug addition, it was too late. It went beyond their control. The son grew up and started living a reckless life. He was often demanding money from the family for his drugs. If refused, he never hesitated to even beat up the family members. Such violence in the family became a common incident. The family could no more bear the agony and mental pressure. One morning the family found to their utter shock that the son was lying dead in his living room. That was the end of the story of a troubled child the family could not protect. If the son did not turn to drugs, it could be a different story. He could be a doctor or an engineer or whatever else he chose to be. That could brighten not only the image of the family or society but also the image of the country. Like him, many people in this country are addicted to drugs. According to sources, there are seven or eight million drug abusers in the country. They are ruining their own lives. Not only that; they are also ruining their families (at least seven-eight million families). They are also doing harm to society they live in and doing disservice to the country.

Despite myriad efforts and drives, the menace of drugs could not be removed. Drugs are available easily in different form. Drugs are available easily in different forms. Reportedly, smuggling in drugs has gone hi-tech. The narcotics runners are using the dark web to make their supplies available. They are becoming innovative day by day. No measure proves enough to tame this monster of drug abuse. Reportedly the residents of a village in the country were passing night awake guarding against drug abuse. Men and women were coming out at night with torches in their hands looking for drug addicts in all secluded places they know. Thus they were successful in making the three-kilomerte area of the village a drugs-free zone. This initiative of the villagers was appreciated by the local police administration. They offered to help the villagers in the campaign against drugs.

Alongside the administration, the guardians also need to be cautious. They should keep an eye on whether their children are learning anything bad like smoking which is deemed the first step toward addiction to drugs. Actually children in their early teens are most prone to drug abuse, as they like adventurism. We often come across reports on crimes committed by teenage gangs in the capital city. Children from broken families often drift into the crime world. So the upbringing of a child is very important. The parents should never lose sight of their children until they attain 18. After 18, they start developing the sense of proportion, the sense of responsibility. That is how we can win the battle against drug abuse. 


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