On senior citizens

| Updated: October 24, 2017 05:19:47

On senior citizens

THIS refers to your article "Industry 4.0 in the service of Senior Citizen" (FE- Sept 28). We see seniors every day whose health is being impacted by such issues as multiple medications and illnesses. However, it is not necessary to spend the retirement days in bed or hospital. The senior citizens constitute a precious reservoir of such human resource as is gifted with knowledge of various sorts, varied experiences and deep insights. It is observed that as life expectancy rises disproportionately due to medical and welfare facilities, senior citizens are treated as a burden on the economy rather than assets that they could be. The population of the elderly persons has been increasing over the years. Growing older is not a crime nor is it an excuse to avoid modern life. Ageing is a natural process, which inevitably occurs in human life cycle. It brings in a host of challenges in the life of the elderly, which are mostly engineered by the changes in their body, mind, thought process and the living patterns.

For living a healthy senior lifestyle it is essential to take care of one's diet and physical and mental fitness. With the development of medical sciences and health supporting systems, longevity now goes up to 75. One could witness the enthusiasm and energy of the senior citizens. Maybe, they have formally retired, yet a majority of them are physically fit and mentally alert. Rather than demoting senior citizens to the side lines of life, we need to enable them to fully become integrated to society.

Vinod C. Dixit

B-15 Jyotikalash Society

B/H Sundervan


Ahmedabad, India

[email protected]




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