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Modi unstoppable

Modi unstoppable

BJP has created history by securing a historic mandate in the national elections, crossing the majority mark of 300 seats on its own while the NDA bagged 350 seats. By winning a larger share of the votes than in the 2014 elections, the people of India have given a sturdy mandate to PM Modi to lead the country for the next five years. Congratulating the people of India for their mandate he has assured them that he will "build a strong and inclusive India". This gigantic win is the victory of PM Modi's development work and the people's trust in him.

The world's largest democracy began showcasing its people's power from 11 April 2019 till 19 May 2019, and their choice has now been revealed to the world. It is rightly said that only predictable thing about elections is that they are unpredictable. During elections the million dollar question that popped up was 'kiski sarkar banegi?' and the answer is now clear as BJP with 350 seats has become Badi Jabardast party. Political pundits were predicting seat count of 300+ for BJP only if there is no Mahagathbandhan. Riding on a massive saffron surge sweeping through most parts of India, the BJP-led NDA government is set to become the only non-Congress government to return to power in the Indian political history.

Narendra Modi, the leader of the BJP party in India, has now become India's next prime minister. The vote has now decided not only the composition of the next government, but also the character of the Indian nation. There are some who had their eye on PM's chair but have no concern for the poor, youth and a farmer as Modi has. The world has also now recognised the strength and power of India and Modi.  Modi will now be more inspired to fight against terrorism with vigour.

As the Modi factor is still the bankable factor for BJP, it can also yield a more number of winning seats for the party. This is because the BJP government believes in social justice for all and that its 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas' (cooperation of all, development of all) campaign is not just a slogan. Addressing an election rally in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar, Modi said that the "naamdar" gets exposed every time he tries to malign him and the more he is targeted, the more 'lotus' will bloom. Modi excels in deriving new slogans and naming people with this remarkable analytical sense while taking on opposition and this time too, he did the same by calling the opposition unity as 'dal-dal (marshy land), which would help the 'lotus' to bloom. Modi was not even an MLA when he was chosen to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Thereafter, his popularity increased rapidly and he was chosen to lead the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha Election. In this election, he made BJP secure an absolute majority on its own, an incredible development which had been the party's dream for the last several decades.

He will now continue to be the tallest leader of the country as his charisma has continued to influence a large number of voters now. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to attack Pakistan in its own territory, on its own sovereign soil. It is clear that India's airstrikes on the Balakot region in Pakistan in the aftermath of a deadly attack on a military convoy in Pulwama district of Indian-administered Kashmir managed to reverse the downward trend in Modi's popularity ratings. After the Pulwama attack, however, Modi's rating shot up to 62 per cent, as he rode on the "revenge" wave that swept through the country. Modi's bold airstrikes won popular acclaim and boosted his popularity. India had had the most hardworking government ever, which rolled out more than 133 schemes and interacted systematically with the beneficiaries to understand how they had been received and how they could be improved. Though Modi failed to fulfill his 2014 campaign promise in some of schemes he has launched to bring the "good days ahead" and an era of nation-wide prosperity, he still left his mark on India. He is keeping the nation secure and keeping India's head high. In his victory speech, Modi has given a good message: "There were only two castes in India now. The poor and those who want to work to bring them out of poverty. We need to empower both."

The historic  victory for Modi is a stepping stone in Indian political arena. As Lotus blooms once again one cannot deny the fact that the combo of Modi card and Amit Shah strategy played the role in the background for such a historic win. BJP and Modi got full majority because every citizen believes that India is safe in PM Modi's hands. He has made India reach great heights for the Army and the poor people. He has improved India's image. With farming in crisis, unemployment on the rise and growing fears that India is heading for a recession, the economy will be the biggest and challenging issue for BJP.


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