Learning Centres for Rohingya children by UNICEF

| Updated: October 24, 2017 12:05:17

Learning Centres for Rohingya children by UNICEF

FROM August 25, 2017 till date, more than 429,000 Rohingyas have fled their homes in Myanmar and taken refuge in Bangladesh. Apart from other things that need to be done for the displaced persons, education should be provided to the 240,000 children who are being deprived of it as they can not attend their schools in Myanmar. UNICEF has taken up a project to fill in the void by setting up learning centres for the Rohingya children. Under the project aimed at imparting education for the displaced children, UNICEF is trying hard to enroll all children and ensure education for them who suffered a lot in course of the brutal eviction from their homeland. Currently, UNICEF is handling 182 learning centres in Rohingya camps and almost 15,000 children are attending the centres. UNICEF announced on September 29, that its next attempt would be to set up more than 1300 new learning centres so that education can be provided to all Rohingya children. These learning centers are aimed at providing the facilities of early education as well as non-formal basic education for the children and teaching them about hygiene and life skills. Rohingya children have been basically learning English, mathematics, Burmese, science and art from these centres.

Sara Bintey Kabir

Department of Business Administration

East West University

Aftabnagar, Rampura, Dhaka-1212

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