Excessive load-shedding at Rajshahi

| Updated: October 24, 2017 13:00:59

Excessive load-shedding at Rajshahi

RAJSHAHI is extremely hot these days. As temperature rises, heat waves continue to sweep and there is hardly any respite for citizens from scorching heat. The situation is further aggravated by frequent load-shedding. The residents are made to spend hours together without electricity due to power cut by the authorities. Nowadays it has become a part of our everyday life. Too much load-shedding has been hampering our normal life. Offices cannot function properly, shops and markets are bereft of buyers and students are unable to study due to intolerable heat compounded by lack of electricity. There are a few lucky people who can afford the luxury of IPS, and that too cannot be charged properly in absence of uninterrupted power supply.

 On the other hand, despite long hours of power outage some people are victims of exorbitant and arbitrary billing. They receive bills which are worth several times higher than their normal consumption. We urge upon the higher authorities to bring down load shedding to a tolerable limit and ensure that the customers are billed according to genuine consumption.

Mawduda Hasnin


[email protected]

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