Education and agriculture programmes on TV channels

Education and agriculture programmes on TV channels

WHENEVER we tune in a TV channel, mostly drama and music programmes are on, alongside talk shows. Education and knowledge-based programmes are rarely put on air. On the other hand, we hardly find any education programme for school-college students and agricultural programmes for people interested in gardening.

We request the authorities of TV channels to produce education programmes for school and college going students. Particularly BTV should produce programmes on adult education for rural people. Programmes on agriculture and farming are also quite few and far between on Radio and TV channels. These programmes should be produced regularly and repeated frequently so that the listeners and viewers are able to learn modern farming practices. Separate programmes on backyard farming and rooftop gardening to encourage the urban population. These programmes should also be repeated several times to enable the viewers to develop better knowledge on farming. 

Md. Tofazzel Hossain


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