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All about the misconceptions

All about the misconceptions

Nowadays peace in the world is an important issue as human beings are very much focused on their own short-term benefits. After the September 11 attack in 2001 the word that is being used very frequently is terrorism.

Very recently a terror attack was made on a mosque in New Zealand. The government of New Zealand tackled the aftermath very nicely. The incident has made it amptly clear that a terror is only a terror. He has no other identity. He cannot be identified with any religion or nationality. Terrorists are a few in number compared to the peace-loving people in the world. So pointing the accusing finger at any particular religion, nationality or tribe is not a good exercise.

There are problems in many parts of the world and the world leaders should resolve the issues sitting across the table, if they want to see the world as an abode of peace. When it comes to the issue of Palestine, both Muslims and Jews are living in vulnerable conditions. So the Muslims and the Jews should come up with a solution for the sake of their own security, peaceful life and also for the sake of world peace. Both the nations have their own history of innovation. So it is possible to iron out a formula for establishing peace.

Another buzzword these days is empowerment that relates to women, mainly in impoverished countries. Empowerment of women is high on the agenda of many of these countries. While working to that end, we should also bear in mind that women need rights to assets, love, affection and respect in every sphere of life. We first have to ensure lawful rights of women, that will truly help empower them. When the women get lawful rights and show their responsibility, they are truly empowered.

We have also some misconceptions, when we talk about economic issues. When we talk about economic growth, we forget about inclusive growth and consider the GDP (gross domestic product) growth as the barometer for solvency of any country. But the GDP does not often show shared prosperity.

For ensuring shared prosperity, we must ensure inclusive growth that will ultimately help establish peace and happiness. The shared prosperity only happen if (i) a human is well educated, thinks for better solution and works for welfare of others as well as his own benefit, (ii) humans are business-minded and carry out corporate social responsibility in the form of Zakath, (iii) show good attitudes towards colleagues, friends and neighbours and even towards the peoples of other nations or religions, (iv) businesses are run in the form of welfare business.

Lastly we may say that for the purpose of ensuring peace and happiness in the human life and building a livable world we must depart from making falsehood in education and in our daily life.


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