A deep tube-well for Bashabo

Published: April 12, 2016 20:25:43 | Updated: October 24, 2017 04:42:36

INHABITANTS of Bashabo in Dhaka city have been suffering a lot due to inadequate supply of water by Dhaka WASA. Moreover, the water that is supplied by it is also contaminated.

We need water but not polluted water.


The water lifted by deep tube-wells is transparent, colourless, without odour and drinkable. But this water has been polluted by the influx of contaminated water from Saidabad Water Treatment Plant.


We believe that the plant is discharging contaminated water without proper treatment. As a matter of fact, the delivery pipeline of Saidabad Water Treatment Plant is connected with the pipeline network of Dhaka WASA in Bashabo.


The untreated water of that plant pollutes the otherwise drinkable water of deep tube-wells in Bashabo. As the WASA authority could not supply clean and drinkable water from the treatment plant, its delivery pipeline with the pipeline network of Bashabo should be immediately disconnected.


In Central Bashabo, there is a large piece of vacant land of the Ministry of Works. It is surrounded by holding numbers 97 to 101 and 117 to 122. WASA can erect and operate a deep tube-well at the western or eastern side of the vacant land.


The Ministry can dedicate a portion of the vacant land to WASA to meet the growing need of water of the Bashabo inhabitants.


In this context, I would like to urge upon Dhaka WASA to set up a deep tube-well at the said vacant land and disconnect the link of pipeline network of Bashabo from the delivery pipeline of Saidabad Water Treatment Plant.

Zibun Nahar Ashraf
120, Bashabo, Dhaka-1214

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