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Rice, essentials price now stable: Tofail  

| Updated: November 21, 2017 13:57:31

Rice, essentials price now stable: Tofail   

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Sunday said the prices of rice and other daily essentials are stable. 

Tofail said it in response to a question from Awami League MP SM Mostafa Rashidi (Khulna-4) at the parliament, reports BSS.

He said the government succeeded in tackling the syndicate of dishonest hoarders and middlemen who usually manipulate the prices of food items and goods to create unrest in the market.

"In the absence of the syndicate, the prices of essentials are now stable. People can buy commodities at tolerable prices," said the minister.

He said the price is now stable due to various steps taken by the government.

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