‘Revenue from flower sales likely to cross Tk 3.0 billion this month’

President of Bangladesh Flower Society hopes

| Updated: February 20, 2023 08:37:59

‘Revenue from flower sales likely to cross Tk 3.0 billion this month’

Bangladesh Flower Society hopes the revenue from sales of different types of flowers may cross Tk 3.0 billion in February thanks to three important occasions that fall within a week in this month.

Growers and traders said that they sold a remarkable volume of flowers on February 14 this year, marking the first day of the Bengali month of Falgun, and Valentine's Day.

Now they are waiting for International Mother Language Day on Tuesday, another potentially big day for flower sales.

Rahela Begum, owner of ‘Samara Puspa Bitan’ at Shahbagh flower market in Dhaka, said, “As always, this year also due to the good production of flowers, the concerned claim that enough flowers can be supplied as per the demand.”

In reply to a query on the price of flowers and expected sales across Bangladesh, Muhammad Genarul, proprietor of ‘Shahbagh Flower Garden’ a wholesale outlet, said, "This year the price of flowers is a little higher. Each piece is Tk 5 to 40, depending on the variety, higher than before. But this year it is understood that the market will go well. Retailers and buyers are already placing full orders in advance.”

President of Bangladesh Flower Society (BFS) Babul Prasad said all the farmers and traders are expecting good sales figures in February, reports UNB.

Babul said: "Last year, Tk 0.5 to 0.6 billion worth of flowers were sold daily on those three days (1st Falgun, Valentine's Day, and February 21). But if everything goes well this year, the sales amount will be Tk 1.30 billion to Tk 1.5 billion on February 21, and all together sales of flowers in February would cross Tk 3.0 billion."

Flower traders said that most of these flowers are sold in the Shahbagh and Agargaon areas of the capital. Traders in these areas collect flowers from Jessore, Narayanganj, and Savar areas.

Retailers across the country collect flowers from these markets. In the wholesale market, the price of each flower has increased to Tk 5 to Tk 40 compared to last year, the traders said.

A rose is sold at Tk 5 to 60 depending on the quality. Gerbera, Gladiolus is being sold at Tk 20 to Tk 40, and Rajnigandha at Tk 5 to Tk 20. At the same time, marigolds are selling at Tk 200-400 per 1000 pieces.

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